play on the timeline

is there a way to move more easily (and smoothly) drawing on a frame while the time line?

Grab it and drag it.

Or, right-click → Cut To Clipboard; right-click → Paste From Clipboard.

is there an easier way to do it?

How easy do you want it?

I wrote it on “feature request”.

(I just wanted you to answer it faster, so I copied).

If you double the number of topics used, you get four times as slow a response. It’s an inverse square law.

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but did you see it on feature requires?

I moved it on beginner’s question as it doesn’t look not a feature request…


ok, but why?

Because it was not a feature request, but a question.


No, right now you can’t. There are people working on that, though, so it will be available in Krita 5.0. There is no expected date of release right now, but we want to release it this year.

If you want options like that, you might want to use Blender or Synfig Studio or Opentoonz instead.

Oh, you’re asking the same question here: playing with the timeline . I’m closing this thread, then.

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