playing with the timeline

on adobe after effects there’s an option for making a track, so you can move objects on a trail. (built like the “animation curves”). can krita do that kind of thing for animation?

Keyframe animation | ערכות לימוד של Adobe After Effects


Moved to beginner’s question as it’s look like more a question than a feature request…

To answer your question, no tweening can’t be made with Krita.


why isn’t it possible?

Because functionality is not implemented…


is it possible to move by hand parts?

I know yes.

@AhabGreybeard gave you an answer in the another topic you’ve created…


and there’s an assistant tool that can do frames.

Please, when you’re asking about something or referring about something, can you be more precise?

What is “assistant tool that can do frames”?
I don’t understand what you’re talking about.


the idea of the “spine” assistant tool is a frame you can draw only on it. so you can do for moving parts on a frame you create.

The complicated answer is that tweening requires automatic transformation of vectors and since krita uses raster layers for paintings it can not be done. Krita has vector layers but they don’t support automatic tweening, you could however move the vector shapes manually.

am I annoying you? (just for the question).

Currently Krita is only build for classic hand drawn animation. That’s why it has no tools for tweening or these puppet like animations. I think Blender’s 2D animation tools do however. Maybe Blender would be a better program for your case.

I didn’t find answer to this question…

More seriously, if you want help we can provide help, but it’s very hard to give you answers because your questions are very difficult to follow.

If you don’t ask for precise things, you won’t have answer that can help you.
And flooding doesn’t help.

Looking the previous post, the question was more about “how to copy/move frames easily”
And then you finally ask a question here if tweening is possible in Krita.

But you put it in “feature request”
And after you’re asking me why I moved it as I have already given the reason why it was moved.
So, it seems you don’t really read given answers…

So for your initial question, asked in previous topic, it was not precise because if you clearly asked if tweening was possible in Krita, a clear answer would have been provided, and the answer is No.

Concerning the “spline” assistant tool, clearly I’m not able to make the connection with animation and tweening.
It’s not because assistant tools provides a spline path that’s easy to implement tweening animation, that’s completely different things.


If it’s a question, then the answer is simply “No, there is no way to do that in Krita”.

If it’s supposed to be a feature request, it’s not nearly detailed enough and it doesn’t contain any other necessary part. Please read this before making any more feature requests: Developing Features — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

Also regarding “why it’s not implemented”, it’s mostly because of limited resources: tweening is a huge task, it’s months of work at least, and there were other features or bugs more important. I’ve heard people like to use Krita with (paid and commercial) AfterEffects; other than that, you can use (free and open source) Opentoonz, Blender or Synfig Studio. You can try Krita with some video editor, too.

I’m sorry I never understood how to build sentences right (in any language) and it’s hard to understand me.