Please add older versions of Krita under the beta selection on Steam

As a Steam user of Krita, I’ve found often that automatically being updated to the latest version has caused issues. Whether that’s newer versions being unstable, or features I’ve used being removed as part of other parts of the program receiving upgrades. As it is now, in the Steam version, I am only able to go back to the last stable version, whereas I’d like to go back to something like 4.2, something currently not possible on Steam. As such, It’d be really nice if specific older versions would be added as options under the Steam beta settings in the program’s properties. Thanks in advance

If, for some reason, you feel a need to use an older verison, you can get them from here:

KDE - Experience Freedom!

They will of course have unfixed bugs in them.
I think the Steam version uses the same location for configuration files and the resources folder, in which case it will be a smooth switch between use of Steam and attic versions.
If not, using an old version that way will be a totally independent environment.

While I’m aware that’s an option, it doesn’t invalidate my suggestion. While it may as well be a donation, I have purchased, and intend to use the software on Steam

But does not Steam force you to update to the most recent version always?

I don’t know how Steam works and how Krita’s new releases are published on Steam, but maybe @halla will be able to provide an answer.


More @emmetpdx which is the person who maintains Steam. But I’m not sure if it would be feasible to have all old versions on Steam, even starting from, I dunno, 4.1.7; maybe just one old version?

Hey @OctagonalFerret, there is a beta branch that you can opt into called “rollback” that allows you to use a slightly older version that the latest. If you right click on Krita, select “Preferences”, go to the “Betas” and opt into the “Rollback” branch, it will jump back.

I’ve been managing Krita on Steam for a couple years now and whenever I upload a new version to Steamworks I make sure that the rollback branch is just a couple versions behind. I’ve been doing this basically since I started and I try to remind people in the various update posts, but I know that Steam makes it kind of difficult to find. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now the “default” branch is set to: 4.4.2
And the “rollback” branch is set to: 4.3.0

As for picking a specific version, that might be a bit more difficult to organize as Steam isn’t really built for that type of thing, to my knowledge at least. Short of making a branch for each new version (something I’m not sure I want to do because of how messy it might get), I’m not sure of a good way of allowing people to select any version.

So, please test out the rollback branch, and if you really need a very specific version you may want to grab it from the website’s archive.

(I’m open to any suggestions for how to make Steam better. The support that we get from our Steam users is really important to this project and I want to make sure that we’re doing right by you all.)


I think you’re right, that is the only real way to go about adding the option of selecting a version. Though, at least clientside, I don’t think one branch per version is too much of a mess. As it’s in a menu that’s out of the way, in a dropdown box. With 2 to 5 other options (Blender has reached the point where it has gotten a bit cluttered at 12 versions), I don’t think it’d be much concern. Though I can’t say anything for how it is to manage or set up

The issue I have with the rollback branch, is there’s no telling when it will change. If I have an issue, and go back to that. There’s no telling that issue is fixed by the time the version jumps, and without alternatives there, I’d be stuck. I know that’s probably not a big concern for others, and it might indeed actually get cluttered in a few major versions, but it’d be nice to have at least one each major change. 4.2.0, 4.3.0, 4.4.0, etc, or even just every 2 major versions. As it is now, on 4.3.0, it works for what I need, but, updating the rollback branch doesn’t always work in its favour for everyone

I am aware I can use versions here, but… Well, if I’m being honest, I like the playtime tracking in Steam :sweat_smile:. It’s really nice to be able to compare the amount of time I’ve spent playing games, with the amount of time I’ve spent on something productive. While that doesn’t seem like a big thing, it was enough so that I paid the full price on Steam to have that feature

Ultimately, however, it’s up to you. Just my two cents, and something I’d like to see in it :slight_smile:

you can use the timerwatch plugin to track productivity on documents, not the program though.

Might be a weird workaround but have you tried adding Krtia installed outside of Steam to Steam?

Aldo regarding which versions, it would be probably better to add the last version of the minor version - so for example 4.1.7, 4.2.9 and 4.3.0. That’s because there is a highest chance they have the most bugfixes and the least new features.

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Steam doesn’t keep track of playtime for non-Steam programs/games, sadly.
I’ve considered dumping an older version of the software overtop of the installation, but I figure even in Steam doesn’t have a check for that, it’d overwrite it when the program updates.

For the moment I’m using the rollback version, and pretty happy with that. However I’m still uneasy, as I’ve yet to find a fix to the bug I’m experiencing (Yes I’ve made another thread about it), and since it seems to impact only me, isn’t likely to get a fix in a future version unless by fluke or accident.

Another thought, if the menu cluttering is an issue, is this

Instead of having them in the menu, have a pinned forum thread in the help section with beta codes for specific older versions. Allow people to use them to go back to specific working older versions while they wait for a solution or a bug fix. Again, I don’t know how this would be to set up server side, but I feel the benefits outweigh the work involved. Especially since it should be a set-and-forget kinda situation that requires no additional work once configured.

Also, you’re onto it. The last minor version of each would be a great idea :slight_smile:


I guess it might be a good idea to ping @emmetpdx again :slight_smile:


Interesting idea, I’ll try to look into if/how we could set that up within steamworks.

And yeah, I change the rollback branch kind of arbitrarily… I usually try to keep it about 1 minor-version behind, but because it’s all manual I’m sure there have been times where I’ve been inconsistent.

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