Please add support for the Surface Pen (4.2.9)

I draw on the Surface Pro 7 with a Surface Pen. Although the pen has pressure sensitivity, Krita doesn’t support it. This is a big problem, as people who draw with it will need this. This will make the people using this resort to another program where it’s supported for the pen. It would be fairly easy to implement as well, as you would literally just do everything you’d do to support any of your other tablets and pens.

Please add this, as I’m in dire need of it.

Are you sure your settings for Windows Ink and Krita are configured right? I ask because I have a Surface Pro 5 with pen, and I have no issues using pen sensitivity – and it seems a bit weird if this is an issue arising in later gen models of the Surface Pro.

Unless I’m missing a key component, I have everything correct. Ignore touch input is off, Pointer Input is on, and I’m using brushes that use pressure sensitivity. And it still won’t work. Maybe it’s because it’s newer than the Surface Pro 5, or maybe it’s not been implemented for the Surface Pro 7, but whatever it may be, I could not find a single video about it on youtube, a post on credit answering the question, etc.

Well, I don’t have the hardware, but I doubt there’s anything new in there: there hasn’t been an update to the Windows Ink API for ages. And Krita doesn’t have any code related to specific tablets: all tablet support is integrated with the Qt framework. If you switch to the Windows Pointer API and restart Krita then it must work, otherwise there’s something wrong with your particular setup; a driver problem most likely.