Please, be my guest 01: Vina

Team ‘Be My Guest’ 01: Vina 비나

Vina, is the first member of ‘Be My Guest’, the team composed of the Messengers of Death (a.k.a. Grim Reaper). Translating ‘Guest’ in Korean is ‘손님’, which means ‘Visitor’, and that includes ‘Ghost from underworld’.
(The second member: Yda - Please, be my guest 02: Yda)


Concept sketches and the drawing process GIF

He was born from the small sketch of what if the Messenger of Death (in the view of of Korean culture) wore a mix-matched modern fashion and fancy ornaments. Most of the inspiration were came from the mood of the day ‘Halloween’, ‘El dia de Muertos’, and the Movie ‘Coco’. (And some fashion magazine handbook.)

Project ‘Please, be my guest’ would be a long-term series project, and I hope I can introduce the third, and more members of the team in the near future. Then maybe someday there could be a some new story born.

If you want, you can see more pieces and details of the art at my Artstation page link below:

Thank you for watching, Krita artists !


Congratulations on being featured! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your congratulation :grinning:

Wow, very good concept art! The look is very vibrant and stylish. You definitely should introduce more characters.

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Thank you. I will try to bring them.

Now this is the type of art work I want to see more often! Very, very good job!

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Very cool.


Very, very much of thanks!

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Thank you much

Very nice if you added a bit of verticality you could add it to

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Thank you, I’m afraid to say it’s beyond my capability to managing the arts on new platforms for now, but thanks for the recommendation. I’ll remember the page.

I’m using it as background on my phone since yesterday. It works fine… his left hand and a bit of the cane is cropped, but it looks really cool anyway. :slight_smile:

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Wow, I haven’t ever thought someone could use my artwork as a background image(even myself). You gave me a new point of view. Thank you for liking my art.

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Thanks for sharing it!

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Hello again.

So, for @Bleke, or someone if there’s who wanting to use the artworks for the wallpaper, I brought the artworks of Vina and Yda, which are modified a little bit for mobile wallpaper.

I made two versions of the image in consider of the interface or info of the mobile,
that the one has the big name-tag, and none to another.
They have the proportion of the 16:9 mobile screen. (Each size of the image is 800 x 1422)

Or you can just crop or extend the top-edge of the image with any image editor until fit the image to the proportion what your mobile has. You know, the mobile devices have diverse proportion in these days.
(Just don’t edit or use the artwork itself to another purpose, especially commercial purpose, please.)

Thanks again to @Bleke, and to everyone too, who gave the likes for my artworks.


Thank you! The clock widget fits perfectly in the dark areas above the characters.

And Yda looks awesome too! :slight_smile:

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