Please, be my guest 02: Yda

Team ‘Be My Guest’ 02: Yda 이다

Yda, is the second member of ‘Be My Guest’, the team composed of the Messengers of Death (a.k.a. Grim Reaper).
(The first member: Vina - Please, be my guest 01: Vina )


Concept sketches and the drawing process GIF

She has been created from the imagination of what if the person from the 1980-90s had become the Messenger of Death.
The word ‘삼도’, which is look like a brand logo on sports bag, is from ‘삼도천’, that the river where dead souls should cross to go to the other world(like the Styx river).

Project ‘Please, be my guest’ would be a long-term series project, and I hope I can introduce the third, and more members of the team in the near future. Then maybe someday there could be a some new story born.

If you want, you can see more pieces and details of the art at my Artstation page link below:

Thank you for watching, Krita artists !