Please help i am so lost all the colors are wrong

Hello, so yah first ied like to say it has been an issue for a while now and I haven’t messed with the color space thing … Gama? …the thingy that makes the colors look good (I’m sorry I am in fact an idiot who has no clue thus why I didn’t mess with it )
Any whozles my colors are exporting/ uploading on the internet WAY too dark and just wrong.!

rakan and xahya|400x290

It’s supposed to look more like this but I hade to do a lot of editing outside of Krita and gah I just need someone to explain this phenomenon like your talking to a 2yearold lizard brain

  • note I have look at a lot of videos read the manual have for a good bit tried switching color spaces and I keep making it worse

Is the original a KRA file or the JPEG? Are you working in 16-bit color or 8-bit SRGB?

Lol sorry had to look 32flow and yes jpeg


Also the og file didn’t load so this is the problem

:slight_smile: You are working in a color space that has far more colors than JPEG or even PNG can handle. When you are converting from a 32-bit/channel image, the software is mapping large set colors into a much smaller set of colors - leaving you with these type of darks.

You should convert the image color space to 8-bit and using blackpoint compensation (you will have to try different rendering intents to see what gets you the best result - i’d start with perceptual or relative colormetric). This won’t be perfect and you will have to make further adjustments.

For future images, consider the final home for your art. If your goal is to design images for the web, you should probably work in 8-bit/channel SRGB to get the truest representation - especially if JPEG is your final format. JPEG can support up to 12-bits/channel. PNG can give you 16-bit per channel if you need access to more colors than JPEG can handle.

I’m not sure you are going to get much out of using 32-bit per channel unless you working in HDR. I don’t use it myself, maybe someone else has some insight or examples of why one might use it.

Ok so I changed the setting to your specifications it seems to help but it still is showing up darker then it should be at lease when I upload it to the internet

Like this one is when imported to photoshop then exported ( i didn’t adjust colors )

Please tell us:

  • the exact color space of the image (I get it’s 32 bit, but what color profile did you use? it should be written in the bottom bar of Krita) of the .kra file
  • what is the exact color space of the PNG image (just open it in Krita and see the bottom bar as well)
  • If you open the same PNG file in Krita and outside of Krita, does it look the same?
  • What are the PNG options when saving? (You can make a screenshot)
  • What are your settings in Configure Krita -> Color Management -> Display?

First thank you so much you are a god

(Krita)  RGB/Alpha (16-bit float/chennel.) sRgb-elle-v2-g10.icc 

( the png) RGB/Alpha (16-bit integer/chanel) sRGB built- in

And yes

Sorry it took so long krita crashed for a sec lol

I fixed your link.
Does the .kra file look the same as the .png file? If not, you need to make sure that when exporting to PNG, you don’t have “force to sRGB” checked and that “Embed sRGB profile” is on. And then open the .png file, check the color profile on the bottom bar and see if the image is different from the .kra file or not.

It is the same and thank you

So where the colors are different now? Or you fixed your issue already?

Its just uploading still a bit darker but i guess its fixed for the most part thank you so so so much for your help :purple_heart:

I have noticed this before and talked about it and it is especialy on the LAB color space but I think there are some bug fixes rolling on the next version that hopefully will correct the “darker” situation.

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I hope so too and good to know it wasn’t just me I started looking to see if it was my laptop xD

@EyeOdin @Sari_spooks nah, if there is any color difference, it’s most probably not a bug, but a misconfiguration (or misuse of the file formats etc.). The color management system in Krita is very old and robust. There were some changes in LAB but… I don’t think they are about this exact issue.

Please say exactly what is different from what and where it is viewed (which program).

well this is what I always get regardless of my install of krita and regardless to which program I compare it too. in this case it is Krita and Gimp. it happens with PS too.

Considering the color management, I never touch it because I don’t understand enough to do so, so I leave it as is. if it is something I did i am sorry but this is what I got :\

I found this image randomly on the net and just opened it on each and went after the brightest highlight pixel on that yellow patch with the same location and these are the values. in this point it is lighter but over all you can see the image is darker on the leaves. I took a screenshot with gyazo because the original file you read the same values.

on LAB and CMYK the dark difference is even more noticeable than this.

@Sari_spooks I noticed recently that uploading a png file with linear profile to for example krita-artists makes all color very dark, because KA converts it to jpg and ignores the profile inside. When saving to PNG if you want to get the colors nicely, you can check “force convert to sRGB”, it will be non-linear (and colors should be right after uploading then).
I mean, I’d know how to fix that, but I’d need more info, or at least more detailed one, step by step with color profiles and file formats what is the workflow and what happens. It’s really hard to debug issues like that on another one’s computer :frowning: