Please help me, my daughter updated her Krita, and after she opened it, the format is really weird.

The toolbar just moved and popped out of the main window. Try to drag the window with the tools from the top part to the side of the main window to snap it in again

It’s the Toolbox that seems to have floated out of its docked position and is covering some of the start screen options.
In the freshly started condition, the Toolbox icons should not be visible so something strange has happened.

Which version used to be installed and which version has it been updated to?
Where did you get the updated version from?
Which operating system are you using?

On the top menu bar, try Window → Workspace → Default to set it to the Default workspace layout.

Edit: Small change:

Then File → Quit to stop krita.

Then do a full shutdown of the computer, then restart the computer.

Run krita, take a full screen screenshot and upload it to a reply here.

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…yeah my toolbox keeps reverting to a single column on the left side and I don’t know why…I created a new workspace and saved it as I preferred and just had to reload it this morning… Krita 4.4.5 Win10

Good Luck to the O.P. and daughter.

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