Please Help me to download Krita Next

I have been trying very hard to download Krita Next and whenever I try to open the links present on the official Krita website for Krita Next,it shows me this:

Can anyone please help me in figuring out why only the krita next links behave like this and how I can avoid it and download Krita next?

It’s the same for me at this moment.
The website is down maybe for maintenance, maybe for another reason.
Try again after an hour to see if it’s back online then.
And again, and again. Sometimes this happens.

When you get the 5.0.0-prealpha, get the portable .zip package so it can be run independently of your present installed version.
Before you run it, make a backup of your configuration files and your resources folder. That way you can restore them later if there are any problems.

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The site is down for a few hours, I wanted to download yesterday’s version 5 hours ago, and there was just compiling today’s version and while trying to fetch yesterday’s version the site shut down. I guess the launch of 4.4.7 could be the cause, the servers are probably overloaded. But that is only speculation.


Thanks for the tips and I guess I’ll try again tomorrow

Thanks.I hope so

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