Please pray for my dad.

Hey, friends!

I just got some unexpected news while I was at school that my dad had to be rushed to the hospital to get his appendix removed. He’s in quite some pain, but it’s not severe. I haven’t received these types of news like this ever since my mom had my baby sister back in 2015, but it worried me a little that it was about my dad.
I believe he’s going to be okay. For now, I just need to wait. I hope you guys can support me for this, and even pray for him too.

Love you lots, SimonBrother


Be well old man!

Appendix removals are quite common, so there shouldn’t be any need to worry too much.

I know that’s scary. Sending all my best vibes to you and your dad.

Good Luck, hopefully all will be fine!

your dad will be in my prayers I hope he will be alright