Please release an update for verified users.

There are so many users on this forum (one of them being me) and most of them are people who run the site, or have been on here for a long time, especially Krita pro artists.

As a reward for their behavior, their number of years they’ve served as a member of the community, and (possibly) the amount of artwork they’ve created, they should be bestowed upon the “Verified” award.

The verified award gives the user a check badge by their name, meaning they’re a verified user.
In order for this award, they need to have at LEAST 1,000 hearts received from the community. Once they’ve achieved the goal, a moderator/admin will receive a notice from a bot on the forums stating a user has achieved the goal of a thousand hearts. The moderator/admin then will give the user it’s checkmark.

Please let this be a thing, it’s hard to know when a user is popular or not.


I’m not sure if a verification should be accessible from only likes alone, there would have to be more than that.
I believe a more reasonable way of getting a verification badge would be to visit at least 365-500 days.

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I would be a little confused by this. I take verification to mean a user is verified as being who they say they are. I’m not sure how to apply that here.

I just learned the other day that after being an active user here for a while you get some pretty powerful moderating privileges.

I can now edit titles of other users posts, add tags and move them to other categories.

This could be worth some kind of symbol, to show who is a junior moderator.


If you click on the display picture the popup would show the trust level badge at the bottom for example for @hulmanen it shows it like this. This badge is given automatically to people who have attained the criteria for various trust level. With each increase in trust level the members are given some responsibility and powers, if they wish to use they can use them.

Regarding the verified symbol, discourse software doesn’t by default such mechanism, but we can make it through badges. But as @hulmanen said it would be confusing, we can’t verify people. It is not in our resource or intent to verify or identify people unless they wish. Having said that the badges perform the job that you describe, that is reward people who are active. I will check if the badge can be shown outside besides name instead of inside the popup


@Bleke Your membership level is shown next to your name if you choose that option in your account settings.

As for ‘Verified’, I don’t understand the purpose of that.


I too, see no value in a verified icon. The whole purpose of verification usually is to confirm identity. For active users, they will aquire the rank of Regular at some point and then can chose to show that badge on their name, if they want. Admins, mods, and other staff already have special titles and icons too.

I also think that this is just confusing, the existing levels are enough in my opinion.

For example, someone may have contributed more to the community by writing half a dozen bug reports in the last two months, but not made big posts like others and got x amounth of hearts. Also, in my opinion, the first person would be more trustworthy, even if he had less hearts and only been here for a few months, than one who has been here for 2 years and just posted a few really good works and got a lot hearts form a few topics. And hearts are also related how good are your works in general, and not how much you contribute to krita.


i think Regular status its a fair enough reward and its not that hard to achieved. Contributing to discussion and being active will get you the status

I think most here knew already who are the regulars and the devs .

The blue check may look fancy but i dont think it has any relevant function in this forum - and as far as I know blue check has something to do with proving identity in addition to status to avoid impersonation.


Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I actually had no idea I would receive some critical responses toward the verification idea… I feel pretty embarrassed. I can move on from this fact, but to be fair- you guys have a good point.

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Giving suggestions is always good, no worry about the replys. Your basic idea is not bad. It is only in a way already integrated. Whether this is sufficient, we can discuss. I think the integrated solution is not perfect, but not so bad either.

I would find it nice for example if you get here in the forum the badges you get as a krita donor, like bronze, silver, gold… levels badge… But this is off topic.

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Yeah, don’t feel bad!

Besides, you may have initiated a change:

It may not be exactly what you suggested, but having the trust level badge show is similar at least. Let’s hope it can be done. :slight_smile:

Don’t be, critical responses are normal whether it’s art, sports, editing, etc. :wink:

No don’t feel embarrassed or bad, people express their views and it is often really hard to know the feelings behind the screen on internet. Nobody here is really very upset or too critical. Besides we have a tradition of too heated debates you should see some of the feature request threads :stuck_out_tongue: . To me the debate that you see here is a sign of healthy community after all to dissent and debate is right of everyone. So feel free to voice your suggestions or criticisms without restraint

I will surely look if discourse allows for us to show the badge besides the name, I can’t guarantee that it will be done but if it is easy to implement and maintain then why not.

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Responses are pretty normal around here XD even in very heated topics and sometimes may seem fruitless but i found users, mods, admin, devs weigh on them and implement whichever version of the idea will fit the community or our beloved krita.

Should i open a new topic to request/suggest to show the donation level badge @raghukamath ? Maybe it is also not possible or a bad idea and people don’t like it.

We had discussed this on krita meetings. currently the data sharing between KDE and krita-artists is not possible due to krita-artists being third party. And KDE doesn’t share any data with third party :). But a solution for that is to manually give badges to people who are verified as donors. We can have a mechanism for this manual verification. Please create a new topic for this discussion.

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Thank you all for looking up to me :heart:

I hope we can work together more on feedback in the future (and possibly art) :raised_hands:

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Why would it be a problem to share with 3rd party? Take for example a google account (or any other OAUTH service provider), you can use your google account to log into 3rd party services and share data. Some data sharing is mandatory, some is optional.

If a person wishes to share their KDE data with a 3rd party out of their own volition, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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As far as I know there is no data sharing mechanism to allow data sharing like google or other OAUTH service provider in KDE. For now the policy doesn’t allow KDE to share data with third party. That is what I know from the discussion :slight_smile:

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