Please separate the tutorials and resources category

Resources for Krita brushes/other assets should have a separate category from tutorials. When I go to check for brushes/other assets I have to dig through many tutorials, which is somewhat annoying. I imagine someone looking for tutorials would rather not have to dig through brushes/assets either.


I agree; It wasn’t much of a problem when the site was younger, but with the number of posts now it could do with more organisation.


I also agree, and there is one more level (like in Artworks there are Finished Artworks and WIPs). @raghukamath ?

I was also thinking that it would be good to have Plugins separated into “Published/working plugins” (resources for users to just grab and use) and “Developing plugins” (for questions about Python). But we can’t add another level there so it would have to be two different subsections of Develop. Or, maybe they could have their own big section, though it might be an overkill.


A big section with plugins broken down into categories would be nice. It doesn’t need to be a dozen categories, but at least a few to get the general idea.

Bonus if it is possible for those sub categories only to have a 1 sentence thread description. So it makes sorting through plugins easier.


Done :+1:t3:

I have tried to sort out older topics in the categories but if something is not assigned to relevant categories please change the categories (for those who have that permission) or ping me on that topic.


I have a ton of python questions marked with “Python” or “Pyqt5” at the beginning of the title. But basically all my questions on the developers questions are pythonic.

Will the resources have headers too? As is now exists on a drop down menu only. Hard to find.

The new entries all start lower case letters unlike the others that always use upper case.

With this I lost almost 700 clicks on my link with this change. I will never get the 1k usefull link badge now :sob:

Oh no :crying_cat_face:

@raghukamath @EyeOdin I changed the names to start from upper case, and I changed the Plugins Development category to use the same color as Plugins, since before it had some weird black and it blended into the background but not 100%, so it looked weirdly. I think maybe the color scheme could be better overall, especially in the Resources section. But for now it looked like a reasonable change.

Oh man - That sucks! :anguished: