Pleroma-tan, but in my style

She is the mascott of, a free and open social networking software compatible with other Fediverse software such as Misskey, Pixelfed, Mastodon, Peertube and many others. I’m not a Pleroma user, (I’m on mastodon here) but Pleroma users can follow me and interact with my profile (that’s why the Fediverse is cool). They asked me to draw her in my style long long time ago and it was sleeping in a dusty ‘someday’ folder. I wanted to test new brushes on a character and I remembered of her. So, this is a Pleroma ‘in my style’.

If you want to have a look at the original mascott, visit this one on Wikidata.

License: CC-By-Sa-4.0 to David Revoy, and .


Nice and yes, love the fediverse…I believe I do follow you on mastodon but don’t check in there often
I’ll see if I can’t add you on my account -

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Is this the first time you’ve drawn a human with animalistic features? :eyes:

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Might be my favourite of yours, stunning work! :star_struck:
I love open-source mascots, they are so cool and represent something important! :heart:

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Great work!
But compared to the cute and glamorous original version, this has more of a “harbinger of doom” vibe…okay that kinda fits social media after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Harbinger of Doom!!!

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rofl…okay Clippy proved that doom can come in such innocent appearance…



Oh no… Now I’ll think about doing an epic “Clippy, but in my style” :rofl:

I wish an office suite in FLOSS had a good mascot. I wonder by the way if LibreOffice has finally a mascot. I remember vaguely their contest years ago was a big failure when they opened it to the public vote and the public voted for a superb mascot proposal by Tyson Tan, but the LibreOffice team was −afair− against his cyber anime furry style and canceled the whole thing with the pretext of their rules not being well written.

Maybe I should draw a “Libbie, in my style” just to show that this unofficial mascot is my official one :yum:

I also wish to paint Sara the elf of OpenGameArt.

By the way, I just posted a speedpainting timelapse process on the channel (2min33s)

Peertube link: Speedpainting Timelapse, Krita 5.1 - Pleroma-tan - Touhoppai Tube


Awesome drawing! I’d be happy drawing 10% of this. :smiley: . I love everything.

As you requested critique, and my ignorance is daring :laughing:, I’ll point a couple of things. Probably I’m wrong about this, but maybe it could be interesting discuss them.

I’ve marked with letters:

A) Is the pose a bit static with both arms symmetrical down? I guess it what you was looking for; but maybe picking up her tail with her left arm, or up her right arm will break the symmetry and made the pose more dynamic.

B) At first sight, this zone confused me. As the direction of the piece of cloth is the same of the shred, I don’t know if it is part of the dress, or an obstable in her path. Maybe finishing the cloth shred at the upper right direction…

C) I think it’d be cool if fire reflected some light to the skin and clothes. The glitters always enhance your sight! Maybe. :grin:

A big thank you @Fenix , I totally agree with all: the (A) symmetry and poor posing, the (B) confusing overlap of continuing shapes (I really have to work on this one, I hate when it happens on other artwork I watch), and (C) the pasted over flame not really having an influence on the shading of Pleroma-tan. :+1:

@Razorvox Thanks for noticing the lost edges; I’m trying to play with them more and more. Still, a difficult exercise, and I wish I could place more obvious and delicious ones. Thank you for your nice words.

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Hello @Deevad . Hope you’re well.
Amazing artwork as always. I’ve been following you for years on Youtube now.
I want to recommend an artist with a style that is mostly based on “economic” yet top notch rendering.
Name is Ian Su. You can find his artworks at the following links :

Just for culture, maybe he’ll be worth studying for Research and Development purposes.

Your artwork is outstanding! I like the use of the color orange

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cool! Feels like mid-age aristocratic portraits, classic and serious, but add moe cat ears and fantasy effect, amazing

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Nice character illustration! I saw the other mascot designs, yours is far more better.