Pointer jumping in the workspace when using a graphics tablet

I have a Huion HS610 graphic tablet and when I connect to my second screen and try to use it I can’t navigate normally in the work area, in the main screen I can navigate normally, I hope someone can help me, try to uninstall and install krita as the drivers of the tablet, but everything remains the same.


Hi @Dan_art - Welcome to the forum.

I don’t know if this will help as it seems you don’t have the jumping cursor problem when you work with a single display, but you might try switching the Windows Input API (if you’re on Windows).

Or, can you map the 2 screens on your tablet interface? That’s what I have to do with my Wacom. Failing that, there is the tablet area setting in Krita. Go into Settings > Configure Krita > Tablet Settings > Advanced. There you will see a mock up your screen to set the area.

If none of this helps, please do give us your operating system info (Windows, Linux, etc.).


Good evening, indeed by entering the > tablet settings, I changed the mapping values of the custom area to the values of the resolution of my second screen and now I can draw in the entire work area, thank you very much for your help, I had hours trying to fix the problem.

PS: My operating system is Windows 10




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