Poll: What do you think?

Hey everyone, I have been thinking of creating my own website where I will sell my art, but I am not sure if my art would sell. Below is a poll I designed and I would really appreciate your participation and feedback :slight_smile: (Below the poll are some examples of my most recent artwork).

Do you think my art would sell?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Would someone buy it?


Would I buy it?

No. Not as it is currently.

I’d want cleaner art. Yours is a bit blotchy, some lines are quite haphazard, there are some shading mistakes etc.

Would commercial customers buy it? (Game companies, authors etc.)

Probably not. Mostly for the same reasons I wouldn’t, but they’ll likely have even higher standards as they have to seduce their customers to buy their products.

Who would buy it?

If the price is right I can imagine that people who want a custom avatar, an illustration for their fan fiction or maybe just collects images that were made for them.

Are there any redeeming qualities?

Absolutely! You’re good at telling stories with your images. Even with the plain portrait at the top, you’ve given her an expression so that one can kind of guess at the situation she’s in.


Keep at it! Once you reach a higher level of technical ability I’m sure you’ll have it easier finding customers. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start now, but don’t quit your day job yet! :wink:


Hello strange question.
Would people buy your art ? Just sell it and you’ll see. Buyers do not look at a poll to decide to buy.


Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
The reason for the shading issues might be caused by what I use to draw. I use a mouse and a very old laptop and I often battle with it. To shade skin and to draw hair with a mouse is a real challenge for me. Besides, I have only been doing digital art for a year now so I still have a lot to improve ^^

Thanks again for the feedback, now I know what I need to work on :slight_smile:


Using a mouse to draw is a real challenge. I worry about those who do it, that they will develop issues with their wrists.

Fortunately a simple drawing tablet isn’t a huge expense any more, so I suggest that you invest in one as soon as possible. If your budget is too tight for a new one, get a used one.

Or consider vector graphics. There are tons of companies that need designs for their packaging and product sheets. You could make some designs of imaginary products and send to companies you wish to offer your services to, or if you find some packaging that you think could be better, redesign it and show it to that company.

An example (click arrow to expand)

This is a rejected box design I made for one of the staplers my workplace sells. When doing a design I like to think of things that are associated with the product. In our case we sell mostly to the logging industry. Our plastic staples don’t damage the blades of woodworking machines. So there’s the stapler itself, a forest, a table saw and a planer.

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Yes, it is very difficult. Thanks so much for your advice and for your time, I will defiantly look into getting a drawing tablet or considering vector graphics :slight_smile:
Thanks again ^^

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I doubt a digital art selling store be success, not only for you. :laughing:

I’m pretty sure if you talk with top pro artist here or whatever site you find, everybody’ll tell you that selling digital art is a chimera. In case something could be sold, it’d be so minimal than it is not worth it. And we are talking of the best artists.

In your case, you have interesting ideas, but your technique is a bit rough if you want to enter in a battle with professionals. The first image is flat, the hair looks a cut&paste from other picture and the dress is a solid colour. Probably you’d want to have it out your portfolio. The last ones, as a hobbiest are fine, better texturing (except lips in the last). But again, if you want to enter in the boxing ring with the best, in this style (reallistic), you’ll need to show more than this.

Anyway, you can not sell digital art that you don’t have the rights of the industrial property. Well, of course you can do it, but you could get into troubles.

Of course, this is what logic says. Maybe you open a digital art selling site tomorrow and start rain money for you. :smiley:. In the business, everything can happen. So, do what you feel about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your art is fine considering you’ve been using a mouse and doing digital art for a year. I understand your difficulties with working your hair, I also have this part. You can adapt this artist’s techniques to the digital medium, using transparency masks.

I usually create three layers of hair for each of the elements: light tones, mid tones, and base color. I put transparency masks on the first two elements and work on the masks to edit them.

This makes the work easier, because if it’s not coming out the way I want, I can edit it without harming the drawing… and you can use the masks for other elements of your art (skin shading, for example).

As for your question, honestly, it’s hard to answer… I’ve seen examples of artwork that I consider to be bad and yet it sold.

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Thanks for the feedback and link, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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