Pop-up color/brush selector not working (Ubuntu, Wacom, Nvidia)

Brand and version of the device: Wacom Intuos Pro (small)
System** : Ubuntu 20.04 (5.4.0-58-generic) + Nvidia drivers 450.80.02

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):

When I use my pen/tablet the pop-up color and brush selector doesn’t work properly. When I click a color or brush, the pop-up dissappears, but doesn’t register the new color or brush, even though next time I pop-up, it remembers the color I picked?

Also, when I select with my pen, the forground/background color icons don’t change, neither does the advanced color selector. They both change when I use my mouse.

When I use my mouse (right click) it works as expected:

Turns out it’s a bug in Qt (thanks to boudewijn for replying in another forum). Resolved by using the appimage instead of the PPA!

Thank you for the update. I hope you are still making the youtube videos.
And welcome to the forum!

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