Popup Hold & Release behavior option


I use the color selector popup/widge quite often, and I feel it would be more comfortable to be able to hold the key, change the color, and release the key so the cursor stays closer to the origin of “invocation”.
Yes, I can just move the cursor out of the widget area… but when the color change doesn’t require a lof of distance from the origin point, it feels uncomfortable having to go all the way out of the widget area, specially if the color selector widget size is big…

So, an option in the color selector settings, just below “hide popup on click” for this would add a little bit of extra flexibility for the UX…

But it would be a nice thing also for something like the Eraser mode!
So many times I just want to quickly erase something and getting back to paint right away, but having to press the key again feels cumbersome…

And I understand someone could say this is so tiny I wouldn’t make much difference on the workflow… but when you are painting fast, and you repeat the same action again and again and again… those actions and milliseconds really make a difference in the flow…

Best regards.

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Which color selector are you talking about? If it is the right-mouse-button (RMB) pop-up-palette, you close it via a second RMB click, at any location you want.


I use the other one, “shift+i” by default?. The problem with the second click on that one is that if you want to change the HUE in the ring, but also chose a value/saturation after changing the hue… you are closing the widget before you can choose it…

P.S.: Just realized I could choose with RMB on the HUE circle, then LMB on the sat/val area HOLDING it… then releasing it to close the widget… it’s a decent workaround, although not very intuitive, still think a hold/release option would be more comfortable.

This is funny/unusual/interesting for me. In this color picker I can click and choose until I am satisfied, I end it then always do it by escape key, so the cursor remains at the place of selection.
So, out of curiosity, which operating system are you using and which version of Krita?


Add: Oops, I just checked the clock. I’m out for a few hours.

Latest version of Krita on Windows. And yes indeed, escape works keeping the cursor at the selection. But depending on the initial hotkey, the size of your keyboard and your hands, might be a little bit uncomfortable to jump from one hotkey to esc… if we were talking about a single “action” within 1 hour session… that would be totally ok… but we are talking about doing it constantly while painting…

This doesn’t have to be a problem, in Krita you can assign almost all shortcuts freely. …and at least on my keyboard, Shift and Escape aren’t that far apart from each other…


A nice example of color selector behaviour is Verve:

You press the hotkey once, select the color, press again, closes. But you can also hold the key, select the color, then release the key, and it closes as well.
And you can also choose to press once, and leave the color selector visible and keep painting and the coolest thing is… if you happen to run over the widget while painting… it just “collides” with the cursor and moves away…

Indeed!, in fact I just realized that leaving the “hide popup on click” unchecked and using the very same hotkey I use to call the selector closes it as well… and that is ok for me, I’m a little embarrased it took me that long to realize it.

But still, it would be really really nice to have a hold and release behaviour! :slight_smile:

Anyway thank you very much @Michelist for your answers and feedback!!!


Your link to this “verve”-thing seems only to work for subscribers.
And even I don’t know this verve-thing, you are using Krita and some things may be different, if you switch from Mercedes to Porsche you adapt to the differences in their concepts…


My bad, wrong url, here you go: Verve Painter Download
Still needs some info to download, but it is worth checking out, it’s a really interesting piece of software.

P.S.: Color picker hotkey is “C”

Haha, yes, I understand that software can have differences in concepts… but when it comes to UI/UX… just imagine if Mercedes decided to change the steering wheel for a joystick… you could get used to it, but it would be a little bit unconfortable and unpractical in some situations… although for some people it could be useful…

A slight margin around the pop up widget would replace this far better. And having the picker stuck to the cursor sounds kinda of a soft lock situation.

But yeah every thread that argues for mili seconds on improved work flow performance sounds like custom work for 1 person.

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Touché, although… if there are more threads then it is not for 1 person… right? :smiley:
Now seriously, I understand this can sound really nitpicking for people who paint in a slow pace or not frequently…

For what I used I don’t feel that realease to very reliable to register. So if you had this press to open and release to close with a picker stuck to your mouse you would have probably create a soft lock situation to randomly occur. And that would break the flow even more. But that is my guess alone.

On the other hand, press and widget leave are more reliable signals. But I might be mistaken. That is why I feel a toggle is more reliable.

I understand how you would go faster but as you describe the gain is not really that much.

Maybe I explained myself wrong at some point, but there is no need to stick the cursor to the popup. Toggle and Hold-Release could coexist seamlessly, just check Verve!
If you are into UX/UI stuff, I think you’ll appreciate it. Personally I think it is one of the nicest color pickers I’ve ever used… could use some polishing and customization for sure tho…

I know Verve. but Verve does not use qt. Verve is pure openGL if I recall.

So Qt doesn’t allow that kind of behaviour?

it allows but it can be a bit glitchy.