Portrait excercise

Hi, I’m new to this forum, I wanted to share my last portrait made in Krita. I used mainly soft rock charcoal as a brush.
What do you think? Advice and criticism are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Cute. This has a nice dynamic range and vibrant colors, it really pulls you in.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum!
Only criticism is that maybe the nose is a bit underrendered. I do see you like to leave lines in, but compared to the eyes and the lips, yeah maybe blend out few of the lines on the nose.
Other than that, excellent!


thank you so much for the feedback. Yeah, you’re right, I didn’t pay much attention to the nose, now that I look closer.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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This really needs to be in the gallery! Wow, amazingly beautiful:)

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Oh thank you :arrossire:

Welcome to the forum. Is a good portrait. With modern style. Congrats for the featurig!


Beautiful work!! what pack is this brush a part of? is it from the default brush pack that comes with Krita?

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Thank you! I mainly used the Charcoal Rock Soft as a brush.

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oooo I love the color pallet you pulled together for this piece! I really love the way you made the framing dynamic with the placement of the model’s pigtails! Many subtle little touches like those you put throughout the piece makes it really enjoying and fun to notice the wonderful attention to details ~ !!

Hiii again! Soo!! My little bit a criticism is actually rather small but I believe it’s a nice subtle touch! As this is an exercise, I understand studying the reference! However my life drawing teacher did encourage at times to use our “artistic license” for helping a composition read better.

I really enjoy using the triangle color wheel set-up on Krita because it helps me personally with staying away from really bight colors as it doesn’t seem like it has much pure white or black as much as the traditionally common square-ish color wheel I typically see as default for other programs.

So, as the face tends to be the goal for wanting viewers to look in regards to portraits, yee? I was noticing on your original rendering, the shirt is quite bright, almost as white as the background!

Using my best to guess of where the lighting is and did my best to color pick a mid-tone (admittedly my eyes struggle, I wear glasses, but the blurry vision makes the value contrast rather noticeable for me personally lol.) The color I picked was rather high in value:

Screenshot from 2020-02-29 01-05-02

When I move the eye picker tool around the lightest part of the face (I was picking from OUR right, so her left side of the face?). I see it’s further away from pure white.

Screenshot from 2020-02-29 01-07-19

She has a pretty face! You rendered it so well!! But her shirt is naturally catching my eyes more and fighting to focus a little as I notice brighter values that isn’t where the main focal point is.

What I did to adjust a bit was take from her cheek and shift it to blue as I noticed that’s what seemed to be what the hue of her shirt is based off of my color wheel. I didn’t really grab a new color, just worked with what’s already there!

I adjusted a bit more with the values and used a multiply layer mode to quickly showcase what I’m noticing. Here’s the results:

I understand that each artist has their own goal with each of their pieces so, of course just take this with a grain of salt! Hope anything helps! :laughing: :ok_hand:

Pardon any typos!


Thanks for your feedback and advice :+1: . You are right, the eye tends to pay more attention to the shirt rather than the face, for the next portraits I will pay more attention to these small details. Thanks again :wink: