Portrait of my husband

This is my hubby sitting in our dining room. Painted from a photo I took. Critiques welcome.


Hello there hubby, you look well rendered today!

And not too comfortable in front of a camera. :wink:


You have rendered this well. Do you accept critiques?

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Yes, @raghukamath, critiques are welcome.

He probably doesn’t like the photo (people usually don’t) but does he like the portrait?

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@AhabGreybeard He likes it a lot. He was quite surprised to see himself as I usually paint animals.


Wow, nicely done!

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My wife would have taken the opportunity to shave my face, even if it was only digitally.


Love the composition, the color choices, and the background. In particular, I like the vase, which pretty much proves that this is a painting of your husband :slight_smile:

Your piece leaves no doubt who he is, that he’s not a model or a “character,” but someone you live with and love. I rarely see this in digital, and it’s like a breath of fresh air. I feel like I’ve just met him. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

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What a lovely thing to say, @UpsideBrigade. Thank you.

I really like the mood and the moment presented in this portrait, it will be a lovely memory between you and your husband.

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Thanks, @Haokun_L