Portrait of random beauty

Hello, here is a portrait after a reference Irakli Nadar used recently.
I must admit I totally fell out of patience with the hair and any detail that would not show on a smartphone with the image fitted to the screen. I feel like I’m working on useless details and then I rapidly begin to sabotage the drawing. So I guess even if it’s nowhere as advanced as Irakli’s, it’s enough for my study.

and here some steps I’ve been through
The original sketch. Every time I see the first pass I do, I wonder how I kept the confidence to continue:

Then I decided to make it tighter so it helps with painting. This is new to me. Usually, I stick with the uglier sketch:

Then the first base of color. At this point I feel fresh even though I know when I’ll see it again later I’ll wonder how I found the confidence to continue:

Here I adjusted the hair contrast after seeing the image on my phone. I was disturbed because she felt like a mouse with a crooked eye. At this point, I felt disappointed, but I could only try and save it at this stage.

With a happy “transform and slap on top of everything” operation, I felt I saved it. Then it was just about adding detail and I ran out of patience (like 20 minutes in I was already bored…)
Here is the first final version. I reworked it after refreshing my sight and mind

Here is the actual final again so you don’t scroll back up


Good job :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:
Would remove the freckles on the forehead and the mouth area or maybe change the contrast of them.

In my opinion, the forehead should be made wider.

Uploading: 1.png…


Thank you, Yeah I might be too heavy-handed… I’ll keep it in mind if I get back to it !

Sure this is more expectable, but the true model actually has hair covering a lot of her forehead :upside_down_face:

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I like it. nice work !

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I worked it a bit more so here is an update. Maybe I’ll work again on it later !


I am SO like that! One of the reasons I can’t seem to finish my work.

Beautiful job with this!

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Excellent work! Thanks for sharing!

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Absolutely stunning!

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This is really great work, congrats! Always cool to see the progress :smiley:

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Thank you so much !

This portrait is stunning! The choice of a lip-biting pose was great, it projects (possible) emotions. Technically it is fine. Take pride in it and don’t over-work it.

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Thank you @Kupuna but my choice was secondary to the original artist’s choice (irakli nadar) I just studied the same portrait :slight_smile:

I feel like you learned heaps with this exercise, thanks for all the process detail, very interesting, good result.

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Woah, it’s a stunner !

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