Portrait Study 20210331

Timelapse: https://youtu.be/ty8OzxRmQr4

I’m learning and testing the Zorn palette (see here and here).

It seems that I’m not using the smudge tool properly, it often produces gaps somehow.


The render looks close to traditional media ! Well done ! Also I watched the timelapse and I guess you used krita’s action recorder ? I don’t remember where it is but last time I tried to use it, krita crashed (^_^);;;

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It’s the recorder docker in Krita 5. Indeed it used to be crashy around January, but it seems much better nowadays. (Sometimes it is still laggy though).

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Wow! Big Congrats and hug. I think it looks gorgeous.



Nice work, well drawing.

My breath catches every time I look at this picture. It looks incredibly similar to a photo that a friend took of my former partner, her face and hair are identical, the headscarf is very similar to yours, only she never wore such a shirt. Unfortunately the photo was destroyed by an apartment fire, but this picture is a heartwarming replacement.
@jade12, thank you for this exceptionally beautiful portrait!


Wow. Amazing!

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it really looks like a traditional painting, i really want to try it. :open_mouth: