Possible issues with Krita 5.1.0 prealpha

So I was drawing using a 5.1.0 prealpha and right now, I have a file which causes Krita to indefinitely take time computing something. I just clicked on the layer visibility button, or even put a simple brush stroke, and then it froze Krita.

Maybe the file has an issue that can be inspected to fix something.
Here it is in case you’re curious :

Not a bug because it’s not a bug.

Now, other than this, using CTRL+ALT+J to paste the selection from a layer onto a new layer, takes more time to process for some reason, even for a very small amount of data.

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Weird! Hopefully a dev can take a look. I did some testing too so hopefully some of it would be useful for debugging.

Using your .kra file it also hangs for me too when I click the layer visibilty button for paint layer 8. I tried using the beta 1 appimage, the latest 5.1 appimage, and krita 4.4.8 appimage and they all hang. The only difference is that the progress bar in the 4.4.8 gets stuck on “updating…:18%” while the other ones get stuck on “updating…:20%” so maybe that is a hint to where its getting stuck in the code. It looks like you’re on windows so its a cross-platform bug too.

Also I got distracted when first trying and it looks like the operation will finish if you wait a long time (a few hours) and after it finishes the operation won’t hang anymore.

Here’s a screenshot of it freezing for me.

Since its reproducible with your .kra file can you make a bug report on bugs.kde.org ( here’s a doc if you’ve never done it before). The devs are more likely to see and not loose track of your bug if you post it there.

hmmm so seems like it doesn’t take a few hours to load, more like 10-20min. Then any operation just works like normal

I checked the file you attached. it seems that the layer “Paint layer 8” has too much data (problematic data) way beyond the boundaries. If you check the memory tab it says 87Gib, Krita goes out of memory and starts swapping due to this one layer. When I trim the image the space taken by that layer comes down to 470Mib.

I had no issue in doing ctrl clt J action, and after doing that I deleted that layer and the file is working correctly for me. here is the file - > Nextcloud

I would ask what you did with that layer, did you import it from somewhere else? Why is there out of bounds data in it. It doesn’t even show boundaries when using move tool. That means the actual boundaries is way beyond. This will probably help in solving this bug if it is one.

I didn’t import anything at all. I was drawing from scratch, then this started for some unknown reason. And Jesus, 87 Gb of memory ? Weird !
Now that you mention it, it’s true. But I don’t know how it got there.

Did you ever scale that layer up? Maybe used a Fill Tool or the magic wand?

I don’t remember. I don’t think I did.
And even if I did, why would it fill its data so that it weighs 87 GB ?
That was a buggy layer : I tried to use the transform tool and the rect boundaries wrapped the drawing only and did not go out of bounds. But then it would hang again. I finally deleted the layer to have peace. Hopefully, kra files are like archive files and can be edited in emergency if need be.

KRA-Files are ZIP-Files, and sometimes you can rescue something. Just rename one to *.zip and have a look. But I’ve never taken a deeper look into them.


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The issue with the CTRL+ALT+J remains on my side, and happens no matter what document I use.

Are other documents similar with layers? Or does this happen with all documents even a small 72 ppi 100x100 document? I couldn’t reproduce it. May be we can ask someone on windows to check if this is an issue for them

Even with a small document of 200x200 pixels at 72 ppi, the issue persists. Only one layer other than the background layer during the test.

You are using windows right? We should ask someone to reproduce this issue and report it if they could reproduce this. Does normal copy paste operation work or does it have a slow down too

I will check in my other files if samething happens.
I replicated the issue from the original downloaded file.

edit - it does not happen to my other file. I use a file with 2 layer of nested folder structure and filter effects.
I tried in another file 2.2k px x3.1k px and its about 2s. about the same response when my filter layers recalculate.

system windows 10, krita 5.1.0 pre-alpha

With the latest 5.1.0-prealpha, for a single layer 8k x 8k image and a fully painted layer, it takes 3 seconds to complete the Ctrl+Alt+J action on both Linux and Windows 10.
For a 200 x 200 image it’s less than 1 second.

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That issue is solved, the layer was very odd. Although it would be nice to know that condition lead the layer to become like that.

I see,

The layer really is odd, with 85gb. yet the structure is rather simple.

Yes, normal copy is slower than usual.
Copying only starts to temporarily freeze Krita.
Pasting is normal tho.

I downloaded the last 5.1.0 prealpha build and the issue was still present.
Any copy operation freezes Krita for about 8 seconds.

You’re probably encountering this bug in the nightly builds: