Possible to add to Fill layers + Filter Layers/Mask + ... reset to default button + preview button.


the new release 4.4.0 came with new fill layers so I thought I’d play around with it a bit to find out how much I was missing on and what’s new.

There’s one thing I was missing and it was a button to reset to default values.

Especially in case of for example screentone.
Set screentone to dots, change transformations and then go back and change from dots to something else. All settings stay the same, which is great but the moment you realize maybe you actually want something else you either need to go through all settings again to reset it or cancel the layer and start anew.
Considering there are already default values for everything in fill layers it would be nice if there was a one click button to smooth out the workflow.

Same actually for Filter Layers, …

The second part is a preview button. This is interesting because for Filters from the top menu there’s preview un/tick button while the same dialog through Filter Layer does not have it.

Not sure how realistic this is or if there’s already a way and I don’t know about it (haven’t found anything online so far)?

Thank you and have a nice day everyone.