Post incorrectly shows post as "unpinned" when pinned globally

I was going through the April Daily challenge, and it was in fact pinned. However, the post always displays ‘unpinned’ as the current status.

How it is now, with the normal behaviour of being globally pinned:

When I manually unpin it:

This has lead me to some prior confusion regarding whether a theme was pinned correctly or not, as @raghukamath can testify :smiley:

I think it gets unpinned once you have read it or you have unpinned it. The message says that it is unpinned for you. Should we report this to discourse software devs? what do you suggest

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I think it should say it’s current state, that being of pinned or not, and if it is pinned globally, it should be named “Pinned”, since it is, well, pinned. But that’s just my opinion