Post your painting workstation!

Across the human history, ergonomics played a huge part in productivity; not only it kept the human structure intact, but it also helped the workers to focus on the task too, painting on a computer is no different, and neither it is to write documents.

The scope of this thread is to show everyone what you consider “ergonomic”, while using a graphics tablet or something else, since a lot of artists have developed spinal malformation when painting.

And not only that, a good workstation also speeds up the productivity, by placing monitors, keyboards and other gadgets, those things can boost the work by a lot!

Here you can share photos, but privacy is very important, so I suggest, if you have very many elements on your table, is to trace a lineart, or a sketch, or even use an online tool to “extract” lines of your photo, so a photo like this:

with the aid of AI, could become like this:

and removing elements becomes even easier

I’m curious to see your setups :wink:


A pedantic note: I wouldn’t call that ‘AI’. It looks like use of an edge filter then some noise clean up applied.

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Ok, removing the word AI, care to share your workstation, @AhabGreybeard?

I’ll be happy to do that soon, after I’ve removed all the litter and junk from under my monitors and taken a photo in good lighting and filtered it so that all the dust and detrius of my untidy lifestyle is not visible :slight_smile:


this id my cosy workstation :kiki_love:


@RPictures I’d love it if you edited your post to remove the word AI and perhaps substituted the name of the filter(s) you used. I’d be fun to try what you did to your photo.

Didn’t I? I substituted it with “online tool” because that’s what I used, since I don’t know how to extrapolate lines from an image.

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