Posting annoyances

So as I was posting up some of my artworks I ran into some annoying issues.

One is that post titles have a minimum length of 9 characters for posting and 10 for editing/updating (yes, different limits!) One art I posted is titled “Lighting”, which is 8 characters, so in order to be able to post I had to add a character (I added a dot) after it to pass this limit. Then when I wanted to edit the title I had to add another to make it 10… which second dot by the way wasn’t actually saved. Weiiiiird.

Another annoyance is the various popup warnings to the right of the editing field. There is one asking things like “Is your title meaningful?” or “What does your thread contribute to the forums?” which apparently constantly appears as long as you are trust level 1. I get it that the idea is to teach people who only know Twitter how a forum should be used, but it gets extremely annoying after the first few times.

But even worse is the “Your topic is similar to…” overlay, because not only it comes up very single time you post, but as you keep editing your post it will come up over… and over… and over again, covering the preview. When I was uploading the first few artworks and was experimenting with the right formatting for the text I had to close it at least 40 times, just so that I can actually see the preview… :frowning:

P.s.: I mentioned the 3 thread per day limit for level 1 users already, and now I just realized that this limit applies to artworks too since they are threads. So a new user can ask one question and upload two artworks then has to wait a whole day. So I once again recommend raising the limit.

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You can press esc or close that message

To be honest, that one annoy me too :stuck_out_tongue: Especially since it looks a bit random… A lot of my posts get this kind of treatment :confused:

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I did… then it cam up again. And I closed it again. And again. And again. And again… it never stopped coming up again. :confused:

@raghukamath maybe you should test it on the “standard user” account? It does go away when I click… But I’m an admin as well.

I tried with a regular testing account which has trust level 1, I deliberately used the same title as this post. I got the warning about post being duplicate once, and then the note about writing something meaningful, both went away once I closed them and they never appeared to me.

If you can tell me how to make a simple screen recording on Linux that results in OK quality and small file size (Becuase when I tried with OBS I either got gigantic file size or a compression artifact fest) I would be happy to record how the “similar to” warning keeps coming up repeatedly when I edit text.

Which popup, can you post a screenshot of it.

You could set your browser to delete cookies every time it closes so you only have to accept it once?

I don’t get it coming up every time I post a reply because I accept it once after I’ve logged in. After I close my browser, all cookies are deleted so I do have to accept it once after the next time I log in.
When you said, “I wouldn’t agree to cookies, …”, I assumed you meant that you’ve set your browser to not accept cookies. I realise that some people do that on principle but I’m happy to allows cookies from the original site (no third party cookies allowed) and they get deleted when the browser closes. That way, I only have to accept the GDPR notice once in a browser session.

Sadly, setting a cookie is the only way to let websites know that you have clicked the GDPR notification already.