Potential tool for textile designers

Hi, I just discovered Krita & absolutely love the program. I’m a textile designer & what intrigues me the most is the wraparound feature which works better then any textile program I have worked with (to put it mildly) . Although square repeats are quite often used to make it fully functional (and a killer application) for a textile designer it would need the the same ability but with half-drops (half-drop repeats also called brick repeats).The half-drop repeat by itself would make this the go-to tool for textile designers however off the top of my head Textile Designers also quite often use the following features:

  1. Ability to work in indexed color mode (convert to indexed color & then ability to change colors. Also being able to change or simply mix colors with a HSB color picker would be helpful.
  2. Ability to work completely flat which means resizing, drawing (with pressure sensitivity) and rotating an image so the image stays completely flat. If there was a default Nearest Neighbor function that would be fantastic.
  3. Ability to print. Also an ability to print that’s similar to the old Photoshop CS through CS4 where I can print a selected area (just print the area that was selected by a marquee. Over the past 30 years I’ve found that the companies I work with only want to see the work printed out before they approve a design.
    Also I am available to any developer who wants to know anything about designing textiles and wants KRITA to have this function. I’ve been designing Textiles using CAD software since 1990 (with U4ia, Info Design & then Photoshop) & have a lot to share if any developer is interested. Thanks, Frederick Chipkin

I really like the idea with half-drops, since it will be useful for a lot more people than just textile designers :grin: Could be super useful for game sprites, pixelart or backgrounds! Great feature request!

There is a workaround I found, but it’s not perfect, but could be good for at least concepting half-drops! though I wish real and easier half-drop support in Krita was a thing!

First select the Multibrush Tool, then change it in the tool options to Copy Translate, and add subbrushes.

The subbrushes should be added in the corners, like this! Then you can turn on wrap around mode again and make your pattern!

Hi Rakurri, I will try your workaround (and thank you)
You probably know the following. My challenge is that textile designs often fit together like puzzles with no space around them (& often with overlapping textures). If the repeats are not repeated perfectly what appears to be cut marks (or seams) are created where the repeat units meet. Again, thanks and thank you so much for taking the time to take screen shots and to show me the workaround you use. You were extremely clear & considerate in how you showed the steps. Have a lovely rest of the week, Frederick

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Another workaround:

  • drawing the pattern in 45* degrees rotated canvas (three times press 6, I believe)
  • when you finish, make a backup of your document and then go to Image -> Rotate -> Rotate Image…, put 45 degrees and select “Left” as a direction
  • duplicate the layer
  • select one of the layers and go to Layer -> Transform -> Offset Layer. It will by default have the correct values, which is width(x)/2 and height(y)/2.
    It probably won’t work well for pixel art textures though… because of the rotation stuff. But for everything else, I think it should work…
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Interesting application of Krita, I haven’t been into that part of code so don’t know how hard it would be to add an offset of half the canvas size on every alternate row. Or for the matter of fact is it even possible to implement this in the current state or not.

As far as I know for working with indexed colors, Krita has a Filter which could be found under, Filter -> Artistic -> Indexed Color. If used as a Filter Layer this could be toggled on and off, here is a video demonstrating that.

We leave all the complicated printing stuff to something like Scribus which is built for lay-outing and printing. But I guess we can have something for exporting selected areas for printing.

Though take my word with a bit of salt, ain’t much experienced with the code base neither the one who gets to call the shots, :laughing:

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As far as I know, indexed documents aren’t really on our TODO list because it would be way too much work for too little benefit. You can have a Palette that is embedded in the .kra document or in a bundle which you can load or unload (for example having a separate bundle for every project), and if you only use colors from the palette, you can use the Similar Colors Selection Tool with Fuzzines on 0 to select only the exact same color and then change it using a brush or Filter -> Adjust -> HSV Adjustment.

What do you mean, “completely flat”?

There is a Nearest Neighbour algorithm that is used for transform and once you select it, next time you use the transform tool it will be still selected.

It was in Krita and it was removed because it had too many issues that are just so much outside of Krita goal that it was decided to just remove it altogether. Krita can export to pdf and you can copy and paste specific parts of the image, that should be just enough - I’m not sure but maybe Gimp can print, so you could use copy & paste feature there to get a specific part of it.

Sure :slight_smile: Although I’m not sure what we could ask about right now…

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As far as indexed mode, there are workaround such as using colorize mask. It would be great to have a faster version of colorize mask.