Practical use of digital Atelier brush not so known

Hi all!, when i was developing Digital Atelier resources pack (now 5$ in Krita shop :wink: ) i was interested in providing the best Oil painting brushes and i investigated a lot.

This pack has included 3 special brushes that can give another look to your brushstrokes. I show you one of them. (turquoise) i love that color.

They can only work with the color of the original RGBA mask but this limitation is also even good. Why? Because you have to model better your brushstrokes. Let me show you with an example.

Do you see the lines direction? Imagine this technique with more colors. What do you think?
…hmm blue flowers?


That is a great texture - it looks thick impasto styled with a comb. Was this painted on or subtracted from the underlying color/layer?


It’s incredible what can be achieved! Awesome paiting!


I’ve spend so many hoyrs trying to get a brush that can achieve this kind of texture! Closest I’ve come is a smudge brush that kinda looks like a “Bob Ross mountain snow” if you catch my drift.

I really love the 3D effect and the change of of colour with changing the direction of painting. Hope this will not be experimental very long. Hopefully there will be an easy way to change the colours developed. Thanks for those brushes!

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Thanks a lot for comment. I love impasto. This was painted directly in the canvas. No tricks no 3d effects, no nothing. The trick here is to use the colors of the brush . Digital Atelier has 3 points. Black, Orange, and Blue (turquoise) my favorites.

Sounds interesting , do you have some visible examples?

I think this deppends also of what people say about this as a feature. I am going to present some documentation explaining more the possibilities. So who knows, you know support is really important for coding :wink:

We are advancing with this subject. And i have created a document to show more experiments. Do you like the results when we use some different tones? i do. Remember i am continue testing. feedback is really welcome


For the valiants! and adventurers, here i show you how i set up the image. Only one brush , imagine in future


My 1st test with those brushes without changing any settings but the brush size


What were your impressions? Feelings? I am interested

Thanks for your interest!

Well, I’ve seen a painting with exactly those colours - a harbour scenery in the dark with green moonlit foggy sky, some sailing ships and houses in grey and orange lighted windows. The light of the windows and the moonlight were reflected on the ground. That inspired me to give it a try with those brushes. And also the behaviour of the brushes inspired me. Plus I love moonlight scenes.

The name of the painting is “Shipping on the Clyde”, 1881 by John Atkinson Grimshaw. I don’t know weather I’m allowed to put a link to it here. But you can find it easily with an image search in your favourite search engine.

My picture has, apart from the colours, nothing to do with the mentioned painting and is far from perfection. I know I’m still a beginner, practising and finding out about the possibilities in Krita. I believe it’s getting better every day, even if I just do some doodles.

Remember community we can enjoy now the RGBA brushes already in Krita.
Check this

And how to use the RGBA.

Enjoy, Krita 4.3 is almost here