Precise rectangular selections

I’m having difficulty creating pixel perfect rectangular selections. I can come up with three potential methods of how do it but I can’t get any of them to work well.

The first one is to simply start a selection by clicking and dragging anywhere on the canvas with the rectangular selection tool. Then, move the starting point to where you want it by holding down the alt-key. Once in position, release the alt-key and continue dragging to the opposite corner to its desired location. The problem I have with this method is that it’s really difficult to align things if you are trying to select something really large. For instance, to align the starting point I first need to zoom in to it enough to distinguish between pixels, making the opposite corner that I want the selection to extend to no longer visible. I can then pan the view towards it by touching the sides of the canvas until I eventually end up at it. This can be quite tedious if you are zoomed in a lot and the selection is really big. However, if you used the alt-key to align the starting point, this way of panning no longer works for some reason (I suspect that it’s a bug). So, it would be really great if you could still zoom/pan while creating a selection in this way. Is that possible?

The other way I had in mind was to just create an arbitrary selection and then right-click and press Edit Selection. When you do this, you end up with a selection whose boundaries can be dragged around and you can do this while still being able to zoom/pan, making it easy to select exactly what you want. However, the resulting selection from using this method seems to behave differently compared to the previous method. For instance, if I were to press ctrl + c to copy and then ctrl + n to create a new document from clipboard I end up with a white canvas, whereas if I use the previous method (without going into Edit Selection) I end up with a document the size of my selection containing what was copied, which is what I want. Is there a way that I can achieve the same result after having used Edit Selection?

The final method I can come up with is to, again, create an arbitrary selection and then in the tools options under size adjust the width and height. But when I change these values the selection does not update at all (maybe a bug?). Also, is there a way to make it so that the x- and y-coordinates of my cursor is continuously displayed (like it is in paint.NET)? That would make this method of selection much simpler.

Thanks for taking time to read my post. I appreciate all the help, just know that I have already looked through

When you do that, it’s the Global Selection Mask that you’re editing by transforming and it’s the Global Selection Mask layer that is selected in the Layers docker.
After you’ve finished doing what you want to do to it, you need to select the layer with content that you want to copy.

Also, that transform-edit only happens when you’re using a Pixel selection.
If you use a Vector selection and do Select → Edit, you get the vector shape adjustment facilites in the Tool Options docker and that will probably be far more useful for you in this situation.
Pixel/Vector selection is choosen using the Mode option in the Tool Options docker.

That is for creating a predefined selection size/ratio by adjusting those values and then locking them. After that any selection you make will be locked to those values.

That has been suggested before and it would be very useful.
I don’t know what may be happening with that.

Thank you very much AhabGreybeard for the help :smiley:

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