Presentation and stuff from my gallery

Hi all:
My name is Juanmi, from Spain, I was just introduced to this community by @RamonM
I wanted to make this post to introduce myself and also start seeing how does this page work :sweat_smile:
I work at concept art and illustration using Krita, (I’ve been using it for probably 2-3 years now) I made loads of work for the game Blasphemous that released a couple months ago and recently some illustration stuff for the RPG Shadow of the Demon Lord:

I hope this post comes out right cause it’s my first one :man_facepalming:


Yo, welcome. Cool stuff.

How can you upload dozens of images in your first post? It would let me upload only one.

Welcome to the forum. We had a nice talk about how Krita is getting more known and used in some fields. Also i was surprised you are only using a couple of brushes, that made me think in what i am working on to be more simplistic and not overwhelm people with lot of brushes.
Anyway as there are more artists to interview i am gathering supernice feedback, Thanks a lot for your time :wink:

I don’t know but it worked for me!

Maybe I was over exagerating but yeah, most stuff I do with the basic-4-flow opacity, or some mixer brush that gives directional texture, paper stump, paper stump with texture from your pastels, the yellow pen, and some brush with separated hairs for hair texture…

I am surprised by this as well. Did it give you any error message or warning while uploading multiple messages?

These are really great Illustrations. Welcome to the forum.

Regarding the images did you upload them or did you just linked the images from elsewhere.

I uploaded everything.

You uploaded the whole internet!

Your a real story teller, with great skills.

thanks mate!

Welcome Miguel nice illustrations :smiley:

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Great Great gallery!!!

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great set of images

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Great work. It’s always good to see great works like this.

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