Pressure sensitivity not working (JohnDoe142t4)

Hi. all

Here is a similar but different incident.

I use 2 monitors (Lenovo Laptop built-in LID & Wacom cintiq). Both have stylus input with pressure sensitivity.

  • When I use Lenovo LID, pressure sensitivity does not work.
  • When I use Cintiq, pressure sensitivity works.

And when I use Autodesk Sketchbook, both monitors recognize stylus pressure sensitivity.

I am a newbie to Krita, so I might configure Krita wrongly…
How should I do ?

@tiar may want to split this one out into a new topic.

Your problem is quite different from the original topic (which is marked as solved) and also looks quite complicated.

What does ‘built-in LID’ mean?

Does the Lenovo stylus work if you run krita on the Lenovo with the Cintiq not connected?

How is it possible to use the Lenovo stylus (on the laptop screen) and the Cintiq stylus (on the Cintiq surface) at the same time?
You need to provide more information about the details of your arrangement, what you do with it and how you use it.

Try to switch Configure krita → Tablet Settings to Windows Ink, and restart your PC. I hope it’ll work, but if you’re on Windows then the case is already a bit wonky since Windows doesn’t like multiple tablets (although if Sketchbook works, then Windows Ink for Krita should work too, I think).

Thank you for the reply & re-bump this in as an independent topic.

Built-in LID means LCD(liquid crystal display) of laptop.

Both stylus input on LCD and Cintiq-16 are usable at the same time.
(Screenshots are drawn in the same canvas of Krita 4.4.2)

I will try to change settings, especially, Win-tab mode/ Windows Ink.


BTW, why Autodesk can work on both at the same time… I will try another app (Celsys Clip Paint Studio).


I am somewhat surprised with Windows Ink mode seemed to solve the problem perfectly.
Just set Windows Ink mode and restart Krita. No need to Restart PC.

Thank you for the help!

I restarted PC & Krita twice and confirmed that pressure sensitivity works on both monitors at the same time with Krita 4.4.2 Windows-Ink mode.

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Sometimes it doesn’t work and without mentioning it, users often don’t check it themselves so I prefer to ask for it than not :wink:

I’m glad it worked.

Windows Ink is just another way to talk with system about tablets. Most apps now I think use that, although it’s more limited than Wintab (for example max 1024 levels of pressure… while most tablets now can do more). Windows Ink drivers are usually working better, without disconnecting and other issues, but they have trouble with buttons. If you had one tablet, you could complain to the tablet manufacturer and ask to make the wintab driver better, but now I don’t know who you could complain to :wink:

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