Pressure sensityvity is not working

So i decided to use krita after i created in it for 2 weeks during camp and for some reason my pressure sensitivity is not working BUT only in Krita as it works perfectly in other programs.

I have Huion HS611 with downloaded newest driver, updated my windows to newest version, downloaded newest version of Krita and followed some instructions in similar post like adding pressure sensitivity button to toolbar and changing tablet input from WinTab to Windows 8+ Pointer Input.

I have no idea how to fix it and I would be very greatfull if someone could help me

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Am I right in assuming you’ve recently installed krita version 4.4.5?
Is your operating system Windoiws 10?

Before you downloaded and installed krita, were you using the Huion HS611 with the other graphics applications or did you get the HS611 after you started using krira?

Before you installed the latest Huion driver, did you uninstall any previous driver and/or other tablet drivers, making sure to disconnect the tablet, uninstall, full power off restart, install new driver, full power off restart, then connect the tablet?

Using the Huion driver setup/configuration utility, have you set up a separate application profile for krita?
I believe that the Huion driver utility has this ability and you should do that and select that profile when making changes there, for krita.

Now you have the ‘Use Pen Pressure’ button on the toolbar, make sure it does not have a little ‘x’ mark at its lower right. If it does, click it to make the ‘x’ go away so that pressure sensitivity is enabled.

When checking that pen pressure works, you should use the Basic-2 Opacity or the Basic-5 Size brush preset because these have simple and obvious variation of opacity or size with pressure variation.

For a more technical test, do Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet settings → Open Tablet Tester and you’ll get the Tablet Tester window that can be drag-resized for convenience.
Draw on the grid area and you’ll see the events log on the right side.

You should see lots of lines that look like this:
Stylus move X=111.55 Y=116.82 B=1 P=77.0% (DRAW)

P=xy.z% is the detected pessure signal at that time.
You should see that number vary as you vary the sytlus pressure.
What do you see in that list of tablet events?

If you’ve used Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet settings to select Windows Ink, did you make sure, using the Huion driver utility, that Windows Ink is enabled at the Huion driver end?


Answering to your questions in order:

  1. Yes, my Krita is at version 4.4.5

  2. Yes, it’s operating windows 10

  3. This is my first ever tablet, but i had other graphics applications before i installed tablet and it’s driver, so I think i first downloaded Krita

  4. When downloading newest version it just replaced the precarious one as i saw an option to “uninstal older version” there. I didn’t do that in the order you specified, but i’m pretty sure I dissconected the tablet, restarted Laptop, instaled new driver and then pluged my tablet

  5. I haven’t heard off that and don’t even know where i can find this thing.

  6. Yes, I made sure that there’s no x on the button multiple times. To be sure i even tried with on and off to see if there’s a difference

  7. I wasn’t experimanting with brushes as I said I’m very new to the “graphic arts”

  8. Yes, before i asked this question here i found that by accident. P - pressure is normally working. I mean i does show me the % of pressure im punting.

  9. I don’t understand this specific question. Could you simplify it for me?

I should have numbered my questions. That would have been the ‘sensible and helpful’ thing to do :slight_smile:

4- After instaling the new driver, it’s a good idea to do a full restart of the laptop before connecting the tablet.

5- In the Huion driver setup/utility software, I believe this is where it says “All Programs” at the top right side. Clicking the small arrow icon should bring up a list of options for setting up a profile for a specific application.
The Huion manual should tell you more details about this.

7- You choose which brush preset to use in the Brush Presets docker.
I suggest that you try the ones I mentioned.
If you haven’t been using brushes, how do you know the pressure sensitivity doesn’t work?
What is it about the behaviour of krita that makes you think that pressure sensitivity doesn’t work?

9- In the Huion driver setup/utility software, this is under the ‘Digital Pen’ section and is a tick-box called “Enable Windows Ink”.
The Huion manual should show you that.

  1. I’ll try later to do that and comment on the result

  2. Yeah as i said in 4 i’m busy rn so i’ll check that as soon as i can

(7). I mean i used a brush… i don’t know what kind… it’s just a brush icon AND i was on a camp for last 2 weeks where i worked on krita and pressure sensitivity worked just fine there. (It was diffrent laptop but also with windows 10, but diffrent huion tablet… i can’t tell which model rn)

  1. Oh, you mean that… ok it was checked already

What does krita do, or not do, that makes you think that the pressure sensitivity is not working?

Have you tried the Basic-2 Opacity or the Basic-5 Size brush presets?

Ok i finally got it… the problem was with this brush… i don’t know how i changed it to what ever was there, but that brush didn’t react to pressure

I finally found how to change brushes and now it works perfectly fine

Thank you very much for helping me!

We usually get there eventually and it’s always a problem with the krita settings or the tablet settings or the tablet driver or the Windows Ink settings, or maybe using a brush that doesn’t respond to pressure variation :slight_smile:

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