Prevent deleting Autosaves?

how do I prevent the program from deleting Autosaves?
due to the fact that the same file was opened in the main and background window saving the background file destroyed the progress for several hours of work including the backup version. The last hope was for an AutoSave, but it was not possible to find it even through the utility for restoring deleted files…

I’m afraid there is no way to prevent krita from cleaning up autosave files when closing documents cleanly. They’re meant to recover from crashes basically, not from user errors.

But I wonder how you managed to kill even the backup.
That would mean you saved from the wrong window more than once, and not having the window you were working with open anymore?

Only advice I can give is to use Save Incremental Version/Backup more often, that’s what the artists I know use after having made such a mistake once :wink:

Or you can increase the number of backups kept on regular save, but of course then you can still overwrite one time too often with a wrong version…