Previous version that supports audio scrubbing for Mac?

I went over to my friends house to use his Windows computer to test Krita on it; I had watched a few tutorials already and saw what version they were using to animate audio. I downloaded Krita 3.3.2 for audio and it worked perfectly with scrubbing and everything- it was ideal for me, nevermind all the missing features. This is what I have been trying to find a fix for awhile now. I then went home with the hypothesis that the same version on my Mac computer would support scrubbing. It was worse, the audio was cutting in the playback and the scrubbing feature didn’t work at all. Does anyone know of an older version that supports scrubbing and audio for Mac?

I already reasoned with myself I would use Bootcamp to run Windows on my Mac device as a last resort if it didn’t work. Maybe someone can save me the hassle by telling me a version which actually works as intended?

What is the reason for using a years old version of Krita? Is there anything in the older ones the latest can’t do?

Do you want an example?

This tutorial right here, I know it is old but I watched closely at the start and saw the version is 3.3.2. When I downloaded the latest version on the (4.4.3) Windows version, the scrubbing didn’t work. If you watch the video it outlines how you can animate with audio; this is what I want. Please keep in mind I am on Mac and the only reason I could test with Windows is because of my friend. I know the feature is in development but I think it is a priority to get stamped down.

That there are problems with audio in animation is well known to the developers and they set priorities.

The problems seem to vary with the exact computer used and the operating system.
For me, on a fairly ‘weak’ ten year old desktop, I have no problem with audio playback for Linux and Windows 10, using version 4.4.3.
Some people report bad audio synchronisation.

For manual scrubbing, it sounds terrible on Windows 10. It can be ok with .wav on Linux (if I’m careful to do a constant speed manaul scrub) but it sounds quite choppy if I use an .mp3 file.

I did a quick search and it seems it never really worked on a mac and only on windows if you are lucky. Best results seem to be on Linux using the app image.

I found some threads here

And some on reddit and it seems that it never worked on mac ever.

Is there some sort of 3rd party plugin that can play the audio as you scrub? It would help immensely during lip-syncing. Maybe a modder can implement a transposer that reads the time on the animation. In my logic, scrubbing works like this:

Y is the speed (FPS) of the animation
X is the music (Time)

The sound played is how many frames there are, divided by the audio playing during a specific frame. In this algebraic expression; you put X over Y and then you get how much time audio will play during one frame. (Correct me if I am wrong)

Well, thats unfortunate. I will have to wait or Bootcamp Windows and run 3.3.2 on my Mac.

Not that I’m aware of and I very much doubt it.

As for the rest of your ideas, audio is very time sensitive and I doubt if any kind of external plugin would be able to operate at the speed and with the synchronisation required.

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