Prince and Princess

Please see my new study please send me the feedback to improve


Wow, this is great, I love it! for improvement, I would recommend adding a bit of texture to the floor or handrail, also perhaps a bit of shadow coming off the couple however I’m not the person to give advice for that.

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You are right The light and shadow floor rail face of prince to be finished

Your paintings are becoming more complex and you seem to be challenging yourself, which is good.
I’m wondering why the man has no face, are you making a ‘statement’?
(See end comment.)

The background has lots of well painted detail and would have been a very nice as a painting on its own.
You’ve made the common ‘mistake’ of painting stars on the shadowed part of the moon, it’s not really a crescent. Many people do this so I suppose it’s some kind of universal artistic license :slight_smile:

Did you paint the couple’s pose from imagination or from reference images. It seems ‘normal’ for a formal dance so I’m just wondering.
You’ve put light/shadow and texture on the clothes and her arm nicely too.

I have to say that I think the curtains look awkward. For me, they’re pulled back too much and not pulled back evenly and their colour really makes them stand out. That could just be me and my ideas about room decor.

Edit:Add: I’ve just seen your reply above, the man’s face still to be finished.

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Thank you for such a good analysis and advice The painting is my imagination sketch from a story book Curtain what can be done make small or make the folds small The right curtain is blown by wind like it appears but it is standing separate not blend with the scene that is why I posted here before final

There’s more to come then. I’ll look forward to seeing that :slight_smile:

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