Prince Scorpan's Portrait- MLP Fanart

Here’s some MLP fanart I did a few weeks back. I utilized for traditional art techniques, and that worked a lot better than I expected. A speedpaint can be found here.


I think you are mixing up the terms speed paint and time lapse

Wouldn’t call a speed up recording of you casually walking somewhere a race either, would you? ;3

Sorry for accidentally moving this to #lounge .

The terms are often used interchangeably in the YouTube art community. I do know the difference, but the algorithm doesn’t. ^^

Just because everyone does it wrong, doesn’t mean you have to too, though.

That is true, but it is up to personal choice, I’d say. Especially for something as minor as a little YouTube video.

Calling a sheep a horse is not a minor personal choice no matter where, in my opinion. The thing is that people have totally different expectations. When I’m looking at a speed paint like yours then I think “wow, they probably did this in two ours or so”, but when I then find out its just a regular painting speed up, probably taking four times as long, well that changes things completely. It’s still good but without the added challenge of a time constrain it’s kinda not that impressive. You can still have a time lapse of a speed painting of course, no one wants to watch someone paint for two hours I guess x3.

We have some artists here on the forums that pull off amazing speed paintings in just two hours or less. When someone plugs themselves in with an artwork that is equally good, call that a speed paint but actually invest 10 hours+, that kinda feels like cheating, in my opinion. Of course Speed painting is more of a race against the clock than a competition among artist but still.
For me the difference between speed painting and regular painting is the same as the difference between a race to the finish and just walking there. Sure the distance is the same but … I guess you get the idea.

But I don’t want to ruin this thread with my opinion, you still did a great artwork.

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