Problem downloading krita

Good afternoon,

I wasn’t able to download Krita, it downloads and after a while the download crashes.

Note: It’s not a problem with my internet

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I’ve just downloaded the Linux appimage and the Windows installer from
Krita Desktop | Krita with no problems.

There may have been a temporary problem that has now cleared.
Are you behind a corporate firewall or in any kind of ‘special situation’?

Good afternoon,
no, just anti virus, I tried to disable it, and I couldn’t download it for windows x64, is there any server that can try to download?

Go to DPG Media Privacy Gate and click on details and manually select a different server.

Note that some countries, like the Russian Federation are currently playing with their national firewall and are randomly blocking sites for fun and giggles.


Thank you very much, now the issue has been resolved after selecting a different server.

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