problem with color picker

So my color picker randomly stopped working.And the only thing i can think to do is to reset krita but i cant find the settings file on kubuntu .I have followed the instructions on krita help site but i just cant find the file.Is there something else i can do or how can i find the settings file?

Which version of krita and which package are you using and which operating system?

Do you mean the Colour Selector Tool from the Toolbox or do you mean the temporary colour picker that appears when you press and hold the Ctrl key?

In what way does it not work?

For the repository installed version and the appimage, the configuration files are in ~/.config but I think the snap and flatpack packeages are in a different location.

The the main one is called ‘kritarc’.
There will also be ‘kritadisplayrc’ and maybe others depending on what you’ve been doing, such as ‘kritashortcutsrc’ which contains any personal shortcut changes that you’ve made.

The best way to see if the problem is caused by something in a config file is to rename it to e.g. ‘kritarc-previous’ then start krita, which will generate a new default config file.
If that doesn’t fix it, you can Quit, delete the newly created kritarc file and rename ‘kritarc-previous’ back to ‘kritarc’.

im using version 4.3.0 on Kubuntu.
I mean the color selection tool. my shortcut is P.
It doesnt update color,is completely unresponsive.

update: so i managed to find the files after installing a specialized search app and I will try and sort this out later but it does also seem like the ctrl button is more responsive than my P shortcut.

I suggest that you download and use the version 4.4.1 appimage from the main download site and try that: