Problem with openin krita

Hi, so the problem is that krita is working in background and its nowhere to be found on my screen or taskbar
It’s only visible in a task manager
So what can I do to it show up
I tried to reinstal it or instal the latest version

:slight_smile: Hello and welcome to the forum @Ciapciak!

Could you please tell us what operating system you are using and where you got your version of Krita from, is it a Krita installable in the operating system or is it a portable Krita, for example an AppImage? Also do you possibly know what version number your Krita is, if so please share that too.

I’ll be busy for 1 or 2 hours, then check back, if anyone has any ideas please step in.


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Im using Windows 10, and my krita version is 4.4.5 x64. got it on te official site of krita. Its installable in te operating system.

Sure thing! Ill wait anytime cuz its worth it :blush:

In the meantime, can you go to:
C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local and look for a file called ‘krita-sysinfo.log’?
You can open it with Notepad and it’s not a long file so can you copy-paste the contents to a reply here?

When you installed it, did it seem to install ‘normally’ with no unusual messages?
Did you install it to the C: drive?

When you try to start it, do you see a ‘splash screen’ image that is Kiki by a lilly pond? Or do you see nothing at all?

Do you have any kind of anti-virus or other security applications installed on your computer?

Are you running any other applications at the same time? In situations like this, you should close any other applications, do a full power-off shutdown then restart of your computer and then only run krita.

The krita-sysinfo.log is empty.

It did instal normally without any messages
Yes it is installed on the C: drive

I see nothin at all

No, only the windows ,anti-virus,

Yes but it was never a problem with Discord or Chrome before ive been openin it or on another pc.

So there is a file called ‘krita-sysinfo.log’ but it’s zero bytes in size and if you open it in Notepad then you see nothing?

This is a serious matter because that file is created and then filled with information as one of the first things that krita does when it starts.

This may need a advice from a developer.

Yes but you’re not running it on the other PC now and you’re having a serious problem. So, please don’t run any other applications and do a full power-off sequence for further tests.

Do you have any problems running Discord and Chrome and watching YouTube videos etc?

Do you know how much RAM you have on this computer?
The Task Manager will tell you that information.
Also, what does the Task Manager say about the amount of memory used by krita and it’s CPU usage?

Ok so progress, in fact the interface turned on when I restarted my pc. It’s now loading everything now so I think that it will work properly. I’m having 8 ram on the laptop. Task manager says that it’s using 29% of CPU and 8.6 MB memory. No I do not have any problems running discord chrome and vids at the same time. The krita wasn’t responding and it’s not turning on again in fact it’s still on the manager, I checked the krita-Sysinfo.log again and still empty.

If your laptop has 8GB of RAM, that’s more than enough to run it with no problems.

8.6MB is a very small amount of memory for krita to be using. It should be more like 600MB or higher, initially, and then get bigger as you use it.
29% CPU is a very high amount of CPU usage if it’s permanently like that.
It seems to be getting stuck at a very early stage.
In this state, what does the Task Manager say about the total amount of RAM in use?

Yeah… its stucking at not responding every time I try to open it, but when I close it and I’ll try again it won’t open anything. So the usage is now as its turned on but its not responding
Cpu 32.5% memory 207.9Mb memory and 0 Mb/s disk 0% gpu and in use memory iss 3.5 GB

3.5GB total usage sounds about right for Windows 10 and a couple of applications running.
I’ve no idea what might be happening to make krita behave like this so I’ll run up distress flags for @halla and @tiar and @Lynx3d.

Okey thank your for helping <3

You could still try to download the portable version, and unzip it into a folder of your choice, and then run it with the shortcut “krita.lnk” contained in it.
This would at least rule out that something went wrong unnoticed during the installation, if the portable version works without this problem.


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You gotta kill all krita instances in the task manager and then you can boot krita normally.