Problem with the assistant tool

Hello, I have a few problems with the assistant tool.

“Assistant tools” placed on the canvas ignore the selected position when increasing the canvas size.(only corresponds to the upper-left corner position)

The second point, please add the ability to customize the number of cells in the “perspective grid”, 8 by 8 is not always convenient.

Thanks in advance, I hope these changes will help users.

The third point is probably my personal problem, but when working with a zoom of more than 200%, the presence of “perspective grid” in the workspace causes severe lags when trying to move the canvas or change to a different zoom. And with a zoom of 400%, even the simplest brushes begin to lag.

The scaling problem has been fixed in the 4.3.0 nightly builds, for some time. It hasn’t been put into the 4.2.9 beta though.
(A few days ago I said that it had: Keeping assistant tools while resizing canvas but I was wrong and probably got confused when looking at different versions.)

You’d need to ask for developer advice or maybe raise a Wishlist bug for the number of cells in the grid.

Your third point may be a ‘personal problem’ because I don’t get severe lag with a zoom of more than 200%. I get no lag with the Move tool and a small amount of lag with the Pan tool, when the assistants are displayed, even at high zoom (1000%).