Problems with brushes and panels

Hello! I have 2 problems and i need help, please. I recently started painting in Krita, about a month ago. So, every time the section “my favorites” in the brushes is reset. That is, I need to remove unnecessary brushes from “my favorites” every time I use Krita. Can you advice me how i fix this somehow?
And such a misfortune happened: some of the text on the panels is not displayed. There is simply no text, for example, in the “files”, “settings” and etc. I reinstalled this program, rebooted my computer but nothing seems to help. Also, hotkeys (ctrl + z, for example) stopped working with me. I have to go to the “Krita settings” and just click “save” again, without doing anything. And then everything returns to its place. How to fix it?

I think I know the workaround for the first issue:
The resource management is quite broken (“my favorites” tag too). It should be fixed at the end of the year in krita 5.0. Until that time you will have to use a custom tag - just right click on a brush preset > assign > new tag, write something like “my tag” and confirm. Then for other brushes just assign them to your custom “my tag”.
You can display presets from only this tag if you switch “all” to “my tag” and use it in the RMB pop-up menu (tag button on bottom right when you open the pop-up with RMB)

Unluckily I can’t help with the second problem.

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Thank you for your answer! -3-

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