Problems with sleeping

I very often have sleepless nights or “nightmares” when I do something new for many hours like playing a game or programming etc. It usually goes away after some time.

With painting, now for almost 1 year straight almost everyday. I very often have a very bad sleep when I’m working on a painting that isn’t finished or have some problems with it. Finished painting are not a problem. My brain then just paints the whole night back and forth. It drives me crazy.

It doesn’t matter if I do something else before going to sleep. I can read a book or watch a film, doesn’t matter. Also it doesn’t seem to stop after doing it for so long now. Like it is with other works or stuff.

Is this just me or am I crazy? Like does my brain or me care so much about my paintings? I don’t know.

It’s not just you and it’s not just painting. I have this mostly with coding but probably just because I don’t paint that much anymore. Sometimes I just get back up and stay up the night doing something that is not the thing that keeps me awake. Sometimes I fall asleep while doing it, sometimes I’m just up all night but I would have been up anyway or at least slept terribly which for me is even worse. So I might as well can play games or read a book instead of being haunted by algorithms.

I have dozens of unfinished paintings in past (and they still calmly stay unfinished in harddrive). Now I don’t generate attitude “Must be done” and “Must be exactly like…” I just have some general plan/idea with or without references and allow the paints and canvas to flow as it, without strict attachment to control the process. So I never know if I could to realize idea, how it will be exactly, how much time does it take and if I ever finish it – and, surprisingly, with such state of mind all getting out in the best way. In our consciousness we have multiply matrixes that block our self and creativity. Bad sleep and dreams is one of thing that flows from it. So I prefer to flow of water stream or waves of sea and not the waves of blocks in my mind.
Do you like nature? Just listening/watch without any other deeds from here is really work for me.