process: Demon run

I’m doing a fantasy thing, not something I usually go for. So a lot of work ahead of me research-wise.

first note, just jotted down something to remind myself later on what I was thinking of:

Spent a little time in Blender finding a camera angle and element placements, then a little blocking in Krita:

Fleshing out the monster a bit:

more or less final composition, I may do more work on the modeling side still, depending on what I think will be more expeditious. 3D is kind of slow compared to painting for me, but OTOH architectural stuff is much nicer to do when you can easily clone elements at will, and don’t have to worry about perspective.


Finally got time to work on this again. I’m trying to not move forward until I have a decent idea of what I want the value composition to be like. I tell myself not to get bogged down in the details and… Well, I get bogged down in the details!

Hammering away at this until I get it right. Not there yet.

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I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner here, too much going on at the focal point. Better stop now and come back to it later.

I had trouble motivating the character being all in shadow, and it felt nice for a moment to have her hand pop into the light, but I don’t think it’s going to work out. Also I suspect trying to get any kind of magical effect going in that area is going to be too much in too small a space.

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Yep, a little breather helped! Now it feels like I might have a shot at getting an OK result here.

I feel like I painted myself into a corner here. The whole composition is quiestionable now, why is my human character the same size in frame as the big monster? I was going to originally have a very scared expression on her face, but now we only see the back, so we might as well be zoomed out much further. OK, sure, we lose the “funny” joke in the book cover, but a sign on a stall seen from further away could do the same job.

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