Procreate added 3d texturing should krita too

procreate a 2d art app added 3d texturing think what will happen if krita does the same(adding 3d texturing ) after all it has all the brushes necessary comment your opionion please


Already discussed here:

Don’t know if you’re english native, but me not, if you can make an effort to write sentence a little bit clear to read: use of punctuation and break line can be helpful… :slight_smile:

Moving it to lounge as your topic is more like a topic about a general discussion about what procreate is able to do and what does this can bring to Krita if implemented in Krita…



And again the old song, I write too slowly… :rofl: … but so I hadn’t to move it :upside_down_face: and post my text anyhow (okay, slightly adjusted)

Sorry, may sound harsh, but isn’t meant harsh, it should help you to use the forum in a way that will bring you and us pleasure and benefit in the long run.

Are you sure that was the right area of the forum for such a question? Not really a question for developers, a more philosophical one, and an extremely vague one at that. You should be able to explain and justify your ideas and wishes in detail, as we asked you to do just yesterday.

Have you ever looked at the topics we are talking about there in “develop / developer questions”, that is not about philosophical questions, that is about software development, the technical part?

Besides, you won’t make friends here as the two thousand nine hundred and twelfth freshly registered user to ask this question, so the question XYZ can do that, shouldn’t Krita have that too (not also be able to, not also do something like that)?
There are users who are very allergic to this because it happens so often. Try to use the forum search before asking a question, it is the magnifying glass-symbol on the menu-bar.

Have you ever read through how Krita sees itself and defines itself, positions itself? Do you need more information about Krita, or something about Kritas way so far - its history?



im saying what willl happen if krita adds 3d texturing like proreate and should it add 3d texturing

sorry for the late replies was busy playing around with texturing in gimp krita and blender
best trio of friends ever . krita and gimp arent enemies krita is art gimp is edit blender is 3d
krita and gimp compliment each other i add my effects in krita after i do the texture in gimp cuz it has heal tool and more filters
people should stop comparing gimp and krita they were never rivals

should krita add 3d texturing procreate added it so why not krita it as all the tools necessary just paint over the mesh.object

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