Project onto a sphere [Solved]

In the example shown, ‘A’ appears as though printed on a flat surface. What tool should I use to make it ‘fit’ the balloon’s surface? Better yet, what steps should I take to achieve this result?

KRITA file: Upload files for free - balloon-1.kra -

You can select the layer with the letter and press ctrl+t to do a transform and on the options docker select the last one (a bezier cage) and then you can distort it like a projection would.

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Very crudely done with a 2 x 2 mesh:

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Thanks, I only have ‘cage’ and I don’t know how to set the 3 anchor points. Further, when I do, I get “switch between editing and deforming”. With deforming set, the ‘Apply’ button is greyed out (disabled).

It’s the Mesh transform, which uses Bezier techniques as part of its operation.

PS: 2x2 mesh works. This post can be marked ‘done’.

You do that.

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