[promo] Posters/ Banners for KDE Conference India 2020

We need some banners and / or posters for the conf.kde.in 2020 promotions.

Inspiration: https://community.kde.org/Akademy/2019/Badges

My Attempt: -

As you can probably tell, I’m very bad at this . :see_no_evil:

Some helpful points: -

  • KDE Conference India 2020
  • also abbreviated as #cki2020 for social media promotions,
  • date: 17- 19 Jan 2019 (both dates inclusive)
  • location: New Delhi, India
  • venue: a college : MAIT
  • more details at: https://conf.kde.in/

also, it’d be extremely helpful if you could also export a portrait version for mobile users, to spread through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. (, Snapchat?) but it’s just a nice-to-have.


Is this a paid job?

No it is a volunteer work. paid jobs will be posted in #jobs:paid-work category.

Oh, I see now. Completely missed the tag. :sweat_smile: