Proper name for these shapes I've made

I downloaded Krita 4 last week for the first time and am still playing with it. I am using Zorin (Linux) OS on an old desktop computer. Still exploring the whole thing, but quickly became hooked on the mirror tools and the Experimental Webs brush…can’t put it down. Trouble is, I don’t actually know what I’m creating as a result…I call them wireframe objects, rather similar to the old nail-and-thread craft work. I would love to try printing them out. My digital-art knowledge is near zero (I’m a traditional materials artist, of the older generation) so the terminology is for me a steep learning curve. I’ll try and post an image somewhere. If anyone can tell me what the proper name is for this kind of patterning, I’d be grateful.

It depends a lot on how they look.

They could be Mandalas

or Tilings (apparently actually called Tessellation)

One of my favorite is the Penrose Tiling

Or maybe you even created something like a Fractal

Thanks Takiro…I’ve managed to put an image in the Art Gallery, I guess it’s rather more like a Spirograph pattern than those you’ve mentioned, but nonetheless they are all absolutely fascinating.