[Python] resources("pattern") and resources("preset") return the same list. Is it normal?

myPatterns = Application.resources(“pattern”)
myPresets = Application.resources(“preset”)

myPatterns and myPresets return the same, identical list of “Brush presets”:
a) Eraser Circle
a) Eraser Small
a) Eraser Soft
b) Airbrush Soft
b) Basic-1
b) Basic-2 Opacity

Is it normal? I expected that “patterns” returned the list of patterns, not the list of brushes.

Can you please report it as a bug on bugs.kde.org? I can see in the code that it’s the case and it’s certainly something to fix.

It’s kind of a one-line change, so I already made that… libkis: Return the patterns model when asked for patterns (ad6cd3b1) · Commits · Graphics / Krita · GitLab – no need for a bug report.