Qt6 is coming

Have you guys seen the news about what’s new in qt6?

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Skipped me. Drop a link or a few!
Does it look grim?

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Yeah that’s very appropriate expression… :smiley: We’re gonna have some trouble because of no ANGLE for Windows. And of course, porting to a new version of Qt is always a huge amount of work, afaik.

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What I found super interesting was the new 3d capabilities that are crazy strong. But I have been sad with no lab color space support. But I have been curious since it will come out before the end of the year.

No angle? Is there something to come and replace it?


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No, there’s nothing to replace Angle, apparently Angle was just for Qt’s internal use, just like suddenly the OpenGL based QPainter was just a failed experiment for Qt internal use - years later.

I hope that doesnt mean krita will loose ability to use Direct3D 11 :worried:

Pyqt6 is under development