Qt6 make obs look nicer

I’ve downloaded the last version of obs and see in the changelog that they’ve moved to Qt6.
The interface look smoother and nicer, is it due to that only?

I remember a discussion here where it has been said that Angle doesn’t work with Qt6, is it the case now? Is there any plan for Krita to move to Qt6 or something else?

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It’s a new default theme, the old one is there in the settings and looks as I remember it. I don’t know whether Qt6 made the new theme possible though!

It just seems to use style sheets to change the look, so it does pretty much what the “UI Redesign” plugin for Krita does too.

At one point we’ll move to Qt6, but first all our Qt-using deps need to have been ported, and then we will probably have to spend a long time ironing out the bugs – and patching Angle back into Qt. To be honest, I was there when Krita was ported from Qt3 to Qt4 and from Qt4 to Qt5, and those weren’t happy times… I’m not looking forward to Qt5 to Qt6!

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yes i understand, it’s always difficult and time consuming to do that.

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